Coaching and Other Services

Although the Full Stack Scrum™ site is designed for do-it-yourselfers, as with any group skill you can master the system faster (or create your own) with the help of a coach. Learn more:

  • Agile Coaching Services–Learn about services that scale to your needs, from brief trainings to jump-start your DIY efforts, through part-time engagements to transform your entire organization.
  • Related Services–Get help with organizational culture change, real teambuilding according to science (including creating your own approach to Agile), and facilitation of major meetings to ensure results efficiently.
  • About the Coach–Find out how the unique background of “Radical Agilist” Jim Morgan led to the creation of FuSS™ and can help you grow.
  • On the “Radical Agilist” site:
    • Blog–See the latest topics applying objective evidence to management, teamwork, and Agile in Coach Jim’s Radical Agilist Blog.
    • Speeches–Hire Coach Jim for interactive, educational, entertaining talks on a variety of Agile and teamwork topics at your company meeting or conference.


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