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When Coach Jim was introduced to Agile in 2008, he was a traditional project manager with a side business applying the scientific evidence about team building to work groups (TeamTrainers Consulting, 2000-2014). He quickly realized the Agile philosophy better fit both that evidence and his experiences coaching empowered business teams since 1994. He continues to research, write and speak on teamwork topics, and Full Stack Scrum™ differs from other scaled Agile systems because it incorporates that expertise. So he can also help you with:

  • Organizational culture change regardless of the end goal, based on the psychology of resistance to change.
  • Teambuilding practices focused on changing the team culture through structure and process improvement, instead of games that have no long-term impact.
    Note: This can include helping you build your own approach to Agile.
  • Annual meeting facilitation to ensure your major meetings create measurable results.


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