Raise Your Odds of Culture Change

Taken together, dozens of studies over decades have shown that about 70% of organizational change efforts fail. The damage from those failures is not limited to the unachieved objectives. Failed attempts also waste large amounts of time, money, and the goodwill needed to attempt a later change. The skepticism about “the latest big thing” grows every time one falls by the wayside, raising resistance to the next effort. Plus, changes that would have made managers’ and workers’ lives better get rejected because the implementation was bungled.

The saddest part of this cycle is that organizational change has been around long enough to become its own discipline and to identify a standard set of steps that greatly increase the odds of success—yet few organizations use them. Most of those failures were entirely preventable. If you do not define a motivating sense of purpose for the change, identify valuable objectives, find and consult all affected stakeholders, recognize everything that must change in the ecosystem… the list goes on… you are choosing not to succeed.

Coach Jim created an approach to organizational change meant for Agile transformation but fully applicable to any major shift in mission, practices, or tools. He holds the rigorous Certified Change Management Professional credential from the Association for Change Management (referring to culture change, not change within a project). Whether you are pondering a major change or already struggling with resistance, change your behavior to contact him and leverage the patterns of change success.


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