Make a FuSS!

Full Stack Scrum™ is a free alternative to other methods of Agile-at-scale. It is modeled on the concept of “open source” software. All of the steps for implementing it are on this site, and all content can be copied freely under the GNU Free Documentation License. There are no certifications, high-cost seminars, conferences, or training events.

The system rejects the concept of “seagull” consultants, flying in to drop their poop and then flying off. The site is set up so that current employees in your organization, or contractors working full time for the purpose, can do the training and coaching required.

Competing systems seem to like weird acronyms with upper- and lower-case letters, so we have some fun by reducing Full Stack Scrum to “FuSS™.” There’s an American expression “make a fuss,” meaning to cause trouble, so it fits!

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