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Team adding connectionsFull Stack Scrum™ is a complete system of Agile-at-scale, which means it can serve any need that brought you to this site. Whether you want to harness the power of Scrum for one team, transform your entire large company, or anything in between, FuSS™ gives you the background information and step-by-step instructions to do it.

You can:



  • A new or pre-existing team within a larger organization, or group of teams, making the switch without broad organizational change—Go to “The Sprint Process.”
  • A startup of 4 to 12 people—Go to “Agile for Entrepreneurs.”
  • A team or group currently using Scrum but adding release planning—Go to “Plan in Releases.”
    Note: Teams must have a stable velocity (whether story points or counts), and be able to meet the Agile Performance Standards with existing practices. If not true for you, see the next section for changes to consider.
  • New major initiatives (programs or projects)—Go to “Initiate Agile Programs,” whether using new or existing teams.
  • An entire organization adopting the system (not necessarily a whole company):
    1. Begin an organizational change project using the epics under “A Process for Agile Transformation.”
    2. Consider the changes in”Create an Agile Enterprise” during Epic 3, “Determine Organizational Readiness,” especially the recommendations under “Structuring for Agile.”
    3. Skip Epic 8, “Choose an Agile System,” and simply follow the FuSS steps to implement epics 9 through 11 at the team and program levels.
      Note: You will still need user stories for changes above those levels.

If You Know Scrum Like I Know Scrum

Experienced Agilists need to know there are critical differences between this method of Scrum at the team and release levels from what you may be accustomed to. The differences are based on a combination of research into systems thinking, group psychology, and experience with enterprise Agile change. The practices are intended to be applied as a system. You can check out the key differences at “Applying Systems Thinking in Agile.”

However, organizations already using Scrum successfully at the team level need not make changes there to implement FuSS at the release level, other than implementing the Agile Performance Standards. Read about them, and then you can skip to “Plan in Releases” and continue from there. Many smaller changes are scattered throughout the site, but are not mandatory.

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