Facilitation to Ensure Meetings Bring Results

When you take the time to stop daily work and plan your product or organization’s future, you spend money: the number of meeting hours, times the average hourly pay of the participants, plus the direct costs of the meeting. So every minute wasted is money down the drain, whether you waste it because the meeting produces no change in measurable results, or because the time is not used efficiently.

To ensure your annual meetings or similar events are as cost-effective as possible, hire Coach Jim to conduct them according to proven best practices for effective meeting facilitation. Using the principles taught in his Meeting Facilitation Class, you can make the most of every minute you spend in special meetings such as:

  • Annual meetings
  • Corporate retreats
  • Strategic planning meetings
  • Project planning meetings
  • Joint application design (JAD) meetings
  • Workshops

To prepare, Coach Jim will take the time needed to learn your issues, technology, and industry jargon. He will also customize the best practices to meet your needs. The sooner you contact Jim, the more you can save through the efficiencies he brings to the process.


“I am forwarding on the meeting notes now to our members and after reviewing them once more, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and compliment you on the excellent way which our strategic session was conducted. Absolutely first rate.”—E. C. “Bill” Dearing, President, North American Laminate Flooring Association, Washington, D.C.


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