Applying Systems Thinking to Agile

Evidence from scientific research, business failures, politics, military history and sports has proven over and over that a disciplined, systematic approach to achieving a goal has a greater chance of success than undisciplined processes. Full Stack Scrum™ initially enforces a system proven successful in multiple companies, and yet maximizes team empowerment over time relative to other systems.

Here are the key differences in FuSS™ from the way Agile is often practiced:

Note: Organizations already using points and able to meet the Agile Performance Standards are welcome to keep points.

  • “Just enough, just in time” architecture documentation.
  • Strict discipline around:
    • Team membership (see “The Power of Stability“).
    • Not accepting scope increases between iteration boundaries, except in true emergencies (per “Toe the Goal Line“).
    • Mandatory meeting attendance for team members.
    • Initial implementation of the full system as described.
  • Freedom of teams to revise or abandon most of the system once, and as long as, the Standards are met.

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