The creator of Full Stack Scrum™, Coach Jim, blogs about the evidence for Agile management as The Radical Agilist. Recent topics include:

  • The Origin of Kanbans (Yes, Plural)
  • Trust Me: Here’s the Truth about Trust
  • Executives Who Really Want Diversity Must Reconsider their Public Words
  • Mind the Elephant: How Automatic Judgements Impact Org Change
  • Save Electronics Design Costs by Thinking Safety Second
  • Executives Cannot Rely on HR to Prevent Harassment Lawsuits
  • You Don’t Need a Framework to be Agile
  • Why I’m Dropping the Term “Scrum Master”
  • Start Your Startup with the Customer’s Needs
  • What an Older White Cis-Male Learned at a Diversity Conference
  • Harpo the Ferret on Personality and Safety
  • How Power Impacts the (Even Slightly) Powerful
  • Really, I Wasn’t Mansplaining—I Say that to Everyone!
  • Here’s Proof Managers Need to Give Up Power
  • Think Like a Scientist to Make Better Decisions
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